It’s over – good bye!

Southern Germany was a company that existed from 2003 until 2012. This website is just the traces we left after 10 years of  press and radio PR, tour booking and several other services connected with the music business.

In these 10 years we worked on quite a serious load of music and connected artists and helped them gaining the success they deserved. But also over these years it has become more and more obvious that our own personal approach to press work which is based on respect for the independence of the press and the idea of music being appreciated based on its content, message and quality is not matching fully and is going to match even lesser in the years to come with the reality.

Thus it has become more and more difficult to maintain a certain level of PR work, content-wise and capacity-wise if you are not wanting or willing to play certain games which counter the above explained attitude and approach.

We left the stage with still a deep faith in music and we know we don’t have to be worried about quality. There still is such an unbelievable amount of good music out there and labels putting this stuff out, but maybe the days of classic PR are about to end. In a society where access to good music is available anywhere, anytime maybe a mediator between press and label is not needed anymore. Or maybe such mediator has to come in with a different approach and a will to cope with the somewhat new situation. Truth is: we maybe have become just simply too old. With being raised on D.I.Y. during times where independent and underground were words describing an attitude and not a marketing tool it was time to let go.

Whoever might read this and had a working relationship with us at one point or the other: Thank You from the heart for having put faith in us. We enjoyed every moment of it. And to whom came here by accident:

Become fans.

Remain fans.

Be fans.




Thank You & see you in the pit,

Andreas & Beate Kohl